Marketing Tips to Remember


Its ALL About Connecting

A while back Kreeer published a blog about titled “Everything You Do Should Be Tweetable!” In addition to some great information about revising the way your approach your daily tasks/work to be more accommodating to the world of social networking, the blog focuses on the single principle that all social interactions on the web are really about one thing: creating meaningful connections.

Hanging On To The Long Tail

If you’re a business person then you probably are very familiar with the concept of the long tail. If however you’re like me, then this might be a new idea but one that is very much worth checking out. In short, the idea demonstrates that there is a greater chance of conversion success by going after the HUGE number of people that are searching for less popular terms then there is by fighting tooth and nail to get a top rank on a really popular search term.

Consistency is Key

For many people that live mostly IRL (in real life) it can be difficult and even at times a pain to get online and interact with twitter, feeds, blogs and other marketing tools.  While not every person has to be on the internet every day to be effective you do need to come up with a schedule. Think of it almost like book-keeping. If you prefer to write multiple blogs on one day and publish throughout the week that’s fine. This technique doesn’t work as well for other mediums (such as twitter that require more interaction). Whatever you chose as your schedule stick to it! Nothing will drive readers and followers away faster than if you disappear for weeks at a time or bombard them with info for three days straight.

Your Voice Matters

While much of the advice you receive for social marketing revolves around publishing its important to remember that what you write/say matters too. People want to connect with other people, sure they want information and whatnot but they go to blogs for experiences, accounts and anecdotes… not just information. This is why some bloggers are wildly popular and others seem to constantly struggle to maintain readers. When a blogger sounds too much like an authority they cease to be relatable and fun, at the same time the musings of a novice are only really interesting to friends and family.



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